Signstek Keyless Digital Electronic Entry Security Safety Door Lock

Signstek Keyless Digital Electronic Entry Security Safety Door Lock

Signstek Keyless Digital Door Lock is an easy-to-operate lock that’s suitable for office and home use. This lock has a glowing keypad that makes it convenient at night. Since the lock is waterproof, you can install it on any door without worrying about exposure to moisture.

Signstek Keyless Digital Lock is easy to install as you only need to use one knob lock hole. There is no need to drill additional holes in the door.


With a glowing keypad, low battery warning, and passage mode makes Signstek Digital Lock one of the best in the market in this price. Read some of the features of this product below.

–    Keypad has glowing buttons for low light operation

–    It comes with a changeable master password and nine user codes

–    Unique one-key opening function for passage mode

–    Encryption feature to discourage prying eyes

–    Low battery warning and emergency power jump feature to avoid being locked out when the battery is low

–    Battery powered device

–    Comes with batteries, fixing screws, jamb box and a strike plate for installation

–    Comes with six months warranty

–    30 days money back guarantee

–    Excellent customer support available 24/7


–    Easy installation as only one knob hole is required to insert this lock in a door

–    Once installed, the lock attached to the door very well, leaving no openings at all

–    Exclusive design and sturdy structure for reliability and safety

–    Works great with a backlit keypad even when a door is located in dark area

–    Since the lock is waterproof, users can install it outdoors

–    Easy to manage keypad password and sub-passwords

–    Batteries are easy to change

–    Easily reset the lock with resetting function

–    Unlock by force is impossible due to free rotating handle


–    You need to buy batteries separately to power the lock as they don’t come with the package

–    You need a screwdriver with a long head to tighten the screws inside the lock as a regular screwdriver won’t be able to go through the internal lock mechanism


If you are looking for an all-round digital keypad lock that has a stylish look and keeps your doors safe, then Signstek Keyless Digital Electronic Entry Security Safety Door Lock is an ideal purchase. This lock comes with numerous features and offers 30-day money return warranty that you can use if you don’t like the features or feel that the lock hasn’t upgraded your door security.

With a waterproof keypad, you can open the lock with wet hands without worrying about short-circuiting the keypad. This feature also makes it suitable for entry doors although some people would only buy a deadbolt lock with keyed entry for exterior lockable doors.

To install this digital lock, you don’t need to call in a professional as you can install it DIY using a screwdriver and the installation screws that come with the package. You may have to drill an additional hole in the door in some cases so keep a drill somewhere close.

Be sure to buy batteries before you decide to install the lock as they don’t come with the package. You will need four AAA batteries to power the lock and another four to power the emergency lock mechanism.


If you are looking for a cheaper lock with similar features, then SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock is a good choice. It comes with an adjustable latch backset so you can install it on the left hand and the right hand doors.

SoHoMiLL YL 99 is easy to setup and use. It comes with a pre-set master code and allows up to eight different user codes that you can add or delete at will.

This lock also automatically locks the door from inside so that you don’t have to lock it manually every time you exit the room. The lock also has a low battery warning feature that gives you a reminder when to change batteries so that you don’t get locked out because of dead batteries.

MiLocks DKK-02SN Indoor Electronic Touchpad Keyless Entry Door Lock is another good option for anyone who wants to buy a lock in this range with features similar to Signstek lock. The MiLocks electronic door lock comes with an adjustable latch so you can easily install it on any standard door with a simple screwdriver.


Signstek Keyless Digital Electronic Entry Security Safety Door Lock is a good choice for garage doors and other interior locking applications. It has a waterproof keypad and other features that could contribute to durability and long life.

Despite all the top features and sturdy build, try other locks if you want to use it as the sole entry. There is no key backup option, and the unit could easily fail in cold weather, leaving you with no other option but to call in a locksmith.

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