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Master Lock Tulip Entry Door Knob and Keyed Alike Single Cylinder Deadbolt lock

Master Lock Tulip Entry Door Knob and Keyed Alike Single Cylinder Deadbolt lock

The Master Lock Single Cylinder deadbolt lock is great for interior locking and unlocking applications and exterior locking applications such as the main entry door. This tulip-shaped entry door knob fits both left and right handed doors, making it a perfect choice for every door in your home.

The Master Lock Tulip Entry Door Knob and Keyed Alike Single Cylinder Deadbolt lock comes with an antimicrobial door knob, so you won’t have to worry about catching germs when entering or leaving your home. The lock is easy to install, but it’s nearly impossible to break into – so expect to call a locksmith in case you get locked out.


If you are looking for a feature-rich entry door knob lock with single cylinder deadbolt, then Master Lock offers an amazing product that you can’t ignore. It comes with antimicrobial door knob, fits almost every standard door, and meets ANSI Grade II standards. Explore more features below.

–    Single cylinder deadbolt

–    Long lasting and durable antique brass finish

–    Keyed on one side

–    Fits both right and left handed doors with an adjustable latch

–    Antimicrobial door knob is extremely hostile for bacterial, mildew and mold

–    Two keys included

–    ANSI Grade III passed product

–    Available in multiple styles and finishes

–    Keeps your house and family safe with unbreakable security

–    Great for both interior and exterior doors

–    10 years limited warranty


Master Lock is a durable and stylish lock that easily beats the competitors with its price.

–    Sturdy and durable quality

–    Pleasing on the eye with antique brass finish

–    No need to worry about catching germs from the door knob as it comes with antimicrobial knob

–    Buy without worrying about door size as the lock fits all standard doors and it installs on backset, square, and rounded corners with six-way knob

–    Great for exterior locking applications due to weather resistant built quality

–    Feels like an expensive lock


Master Lock is a great product for anyone who wants to secure the main entry with a keyed lock. But before you buy this product, you should read the cons below so that you can make a better decision.

–    If used without care, the outside door knob can get scratches on it

–    The lock comes with only two keys, so you may not be able to give out one key to everyone in your home, especially if you have more than two members in your home


Master Lock single cylinder lock is an ANSI Grade III product with an antique brass finish that ensures durability. The lock is keyed on one side, which makes it a perfect lock for entry doors where you need keyed entry for improved security.

Master Lock comes with two keys, 10 years limited warranty, and it fits standard doors without requiring additional holes. It takes only a few minutes to install the lock as you need only a screwdriver and the instructions manual.

Master Lock a solid and sturdy product for exterior locking applications. It’s weather-resistant, and the door knob is germ-resistant, making your life much easier as you won’t have to worry about getting sick from germs on the door handle.


If you are looking to consider more options for keyed entry on the main door, you may consider the following two products.

Brinks 2102-109 Tulip Style Deadbolt Lock is another sturdy and stylish lock. It also comes in an antique brass finish and costs nearly the same as Master Lock.

Brinks deadbolt lock meets ANSI Grade III standards, which means you don’t have to worry about someone bumping or picking your lock. The deadbolt is 1-inch long and has a steel pin that makes it impossible to saw the lock.

Just like Master Lock, the Brinks deadbolt is also easy to install as it fits standard doors without requiring any additional hole drilling.

Another product that can compete with Master Lock deadbolt is Legend 809136 Decorative Knob with Deadbolt Lockset. This lock has a Satin Nickel finish.

It has a biscuit knob style, but it’s not germ-resistant. The lock comes with standard security features such as anti-saw steel pin, hardened steel drive, and screws to ensure the highest level of residential security.

Like most other deadbolt locks, Brinks, as well as Legend deadbolt locks, come with a lifetime limited warranty.


If you prefer a solid, anti-saw, anti-bumping lock for keyed entry, then Master Lock is your best option. It comes with antimicrobial knob – a feature you don’t expect at this price.

The tulip style lock enhances your home aesthetics while ensuring keyed entry for maximum security.

The lock comes with a steel pin, so anyone trying to cut it with the saw will be disappointed. Similarly, the lock has hardened steel screws and hardened steel drive that makes it impossible to bump or cut the lock.

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