Look For Recommended Door Locks To Keep Intruders Away

Look For Recommended Door Locks To Keep Intruders Away

When it comes installed the door locks the first priority the homeowners have is the security of the people and possessions in it. The basic need for door locks is to keep the intruders away. There are different types of locks available for exterior doors and interior doors.

You should consider installing the appropriate doors for each area in your building, according to the type of security you need, the type of people using the rooms, the ease of use, the style and finish of the locks, etc.

Whether you are installing the locks in your new home or you are replacing the old ones, you have different choices to choose from. Go for the most recommended ones so that you will be getting door locks with better quality, functionality, and durability.

The locking mechanism

The locking mechanism used in different types of locks will be different. The locks with deadbolt mechanism are widely used for residential use. However, they cannot be opened without a key and losing the key can create danger.

Handle sets are used in combination with the deadbolt and come with a decorative handle. Keyless door locks are the most advanced type of door locks with anti- theft features. This is the most recommended door locks for adding high security to your home or building.

There are different keyless locks such as touchpad electronic locks, keypad lock, biometric locks using fingerprints to open the door, Bluetooth enabled locks which use your mobile devices as the key and smart locks which can be operated with remote controls. You don’t have to use the keys when you are using, these advanced security locks. You will be able to give restricted entry to people of your choice into your house using the various keyless entry options.

The convenience

It is not easy to enter your home using keys when you are coming after a shopping when you have many things in your hand. The keyless systems are a great convenience in such situations. You can use the radio frequency identification card locks or smart locks which will keep your door open at the set time if you feel that using keys are a real problem.

With biometric lock systems, you need not have to fish out the keys from your bag to get the door open. You can keep your finger on the board and once it reads your fingerprint it provides you access.

There are keyless entries that come with alarm systems so if anyone tries to enter your house other than the ones of your choice you will get the alarm or you will get a message on your smart phone. Moreover, you need to opt for door locks which are easy to install.

Best industry security standards

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) provide grading for door hardware. Look for ANSI/BHMA Certification mark on the door locks for quality assurance.

Locks with ANSI grading 1 are the best suited for outer doors which act as the main entrance to your home or commercial building. ANSI grade 2 locks offer intermediate level security and grade 3 locks are suggested for basic residential security. Hence, according to the level of security required you can select the locks with the right grade.

You can visit the website of the particular lock manufacturer to find out about the product grading. It has been found that the door locks with built-in alarm systems are highly effective in deterring the intruders. Installing security cameras along with good door locks will also help to protect your home from burglars.

Go through consumer reviews

This is one of the easiest and the safest ways to identify the safest and secure locks for your home or office.

  • There are product review sites which offer the customer reviews on different types of door locks
  • You will be able to understand the pros and cons of using door locks with different mechanisms and features and will be able to select the items accordingly
  • You need to opt for the highly recommended doors in each category according to your home securing needs

You can also find the best locks within your budget when you go through these reviews and compare the prices of different door locks.

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