Legend 809128 Decorative Lever Deadbolt Combo Set

Legend 809128 Decorative Lever Deadbolt Combo Set

The Legend 809128 is a stylish door knob for exterior doors where you want to install a lever with a deadbolt lock. This lock is keyed alike, and it adds aesthetic value to both contemporary and traditional style doors.

Unlike some other stylish lever deadbolt locks in the market, this one from Legend is easy to install as it fits all standard doors between 1-3/8 inch and 1-3/4 inch size, whether left-hand or right-hand open. The Legend 809128 Deadbolt Combo Set can be installed on an entry door without worrying about forceful entry and theft as it comes with an anti-saw deadbolt pin that’s made from high-grade hardened steel.


  • Reversible handles to fit both right or left hand doors
  • Deadbolt features hardened steel pin
  • Dead latch style backset
  • Case hardened steel drive rod
  • Hardened steel screws
  • KW1 keyway
  • 2.8 pounds in weight
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Color
  • Contemporary style
  • No wiring or battery installation required
  • Limited Life time replacement warranty


Legend Decorative Lever Deadbolt Combo Set Adj Bs Kw1 Bronze has all the advantages that would help you make an instant decision. There are hardly any reasons to miss this decorative lever deadbolt combo set with bronze finish and a high-quality door lever.

  • Best for traditional and modern residential exterior doors
  • The cheapest door locks to fill the door holes and your pocket – not giving a flimsy or cheap look
  • Turn your home into a fortress with this lock as the latch, drive rod, and deadbolt pin are all made from high-grade hardened steel
  • The reversible handles fit both left handed and right handed doors
  • The oil rubbed bronze finish is weather-resistant and doesn’t lose its color
  • Installation is easy – no locksmith required


This Legend Combo package seems to have all the advantages that make it an irresistibledeal especially when you are in the market for an entry door lock. However, it has some problems, especially with the claims of high quality by the manufacturer.

  • Deadbolts aren’t of high quality and don’t work well in the long run
  • The interior handles wiggles around after a few days – don’t turn quite smoothly


Legend 809128 Legend Decorative Lever Deadbolt Combo Set Adj Bs Kw1 Bronze is a perfect choice for contemporary exterior doors. It’s construction quality, and high-grade materials make it impossible to saw or bump this decorative lever deadbolt door knob.

Legend deadbolt lock has an oil-rubbed bronze finish that ensures long-lasting shine, making your doors look fresh even years after installing the Legend levers. This lock comes with KW1 keyway which makes your life easier if you have lost the key.

This lock easily fits most standard doors with adjustable backsets. You can install it on your own by reading the instruction manual, making a perfect choice for someone who loves some DIY here and there.

Both the locks in this combo package are keyed on one side – the outside, while the inside has a turn lock. You can lock from the outside only using a key, but you can turn the lock from the inside to lock the door in a snap.

This combo package comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Install and forget about replacing it through your lifetime.


The Legend Combo offer is a great choice for anyone who wants to grab two locks at a great price. But if you are not interested in this combo, check the following two options from Legend that could be what you are after today.

Legend 809122 Decorative Lever Privacy Adj Bs Bronze: This privacy decorative lever product has the same leverset style as the one in Legend combo. It’s an ANSI Grade III passed product and has an adjustable backset that allows for easy installation on most doors.

You might want to buy the Legend 809122 if you love the locks in Legend Combo, but you only need a privacy lever lock. Otherwise, get the combo as it offers excellent value for its cost.

Constructor CON2853 Entry Lever Door Prelude Handle Lock Set: This is another great choice for entry doors as it comes with oil-rubbed bronze finish and premium quality construction. This lockset has an adjustable latch to fit most common doors.

Constructor Entry Lever Door Prelude lockset has a beautiful modern style and a bronze finish that makes it a perfect choice for contemporary entry doors.


Although some other locksets come with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, hardly any other product in this price range beats this Legend Combo. It has a very sturdy 8091128 entry door lock that alone beats the price for the combo.

Anyone who is looking for a stylish contemporary entry door lockset will find the Legend 809128 Deadbolt Combo Set the best-value deal.

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