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Kwikset Tavaris Single Cylinder Handleset w/Vedani Lever featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel

Kwikset Tavaris Single Cylinder Handleset w/Vedani Lever featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel

Make a modern statement with Kwiksoft Signature Series door lock that offers the highest level of residential security. This single cylinder Smartkey lock lets you lock and unlock doors from the outside using a key or from inside using the knob.

Feel secure with this designer style lock as it comes with a Bump Guard feature to protect your home against forced entry. The Kwikset Tavaris Single Cylinder Handleset set adds to the aesthetics while SmartKey provides the highest level of security.


Kwikset Tavaris Single Cylinder lock featuring SmartKeyfunction is a modern lock with a satin nickel finish. Read some of the outstanding features of this product below.

  • Kwikset signature series offers top grade security
  • Contemporary design
  • Comes in Satin Nickel finish
  • Weighs only 3 pounds
  • ANSI Grade II product means the lock is durable and secure
  • Comes with a SmartKeyfor re-key feature
  • Fits easily if the door thickness is between 1-3/8 in. and 1-3/4 in
  • Comes with lifetime mechanical and finish warranty


If you are looking to buy a single cylinder lock with SmartKey, then Kwikset offers a feature-rich lock that will make your life easier once you have installed it. Read the advantages of buying this lock below.

  • Designer style lock with Vedani lever improves home décor
  • Easy to installas you only need a screwdriver and don’t even need to drill new holes in a standard door
  • Easy to re-key with a simple 3-step procedure that is easy to understand and follow
  • Fits both left handed and right handed doors with a reversible interior lever
  • Fits all standard door types with an adjustable latch and makes life easier when installing the lock
  • Less expensive than dummy handle so it’s better to purchase this lock than another model with a dummy handle


It’s a great product but still there are some issues with it that you might want to consider before you make a decision about the lock you want to buy for your doors.

  • The exterior thumb handle often breaks if someone puts too much weight on it
  • Kwikset doesn’t offer free shipment for parts under warranty so you have to pay for shipment if you claim warranty


Kwikset Signature Series single cylinder lock with SmartKeyis a great choice for exterior entry doors as it offers superior security and keyed entry. You can install this ANSI Grade II lock on any standard American door as it comes with a full reversible lever and adjustable latch.

This lock is ridiculously easy to install as you only need a screwdriver and you don’t have to make additional holes in a standard door. Satin Nickel finish adds aesthetic appeal to the overall look of the lock, giving it a modern touch.

If you have recently moved to a new house or a child had lost a key, you can easily re-key without having to purchase a new lock or call the locksmith. It takes only a few simple and easy steps as you only have to insert the functioning key, turn the lock, insert Smartkey, remove Smartkey and functioning key, and finally insert the new key and turn counter-clockwise to re-key the lock.

It’s a sturdy and durable lock that will be with you for years. The lock comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty.


The majority of people have no reason to look away from the stylish Kwikset Single Cylinder Handleset Lever Smartkey lock. But if you want to check out some more locks in this price range and with similar features, then scroll below and read about two other great products in this category.

Century Single Cylinder Handleset and Latitude Lever in Satin Nickel is similar to Kwikset SmartKey lock but has a higher price. But it comes with self-aligning screw holes and adjustable throughbolt, making installation as easy as opening the package.

Century Single Cylinder lock is a good alternative except that the push portion of the handle often breaks after a few months.

If you think nothing can beat the Kwikset Single Cylinder Handleset Lever Lock but your only concern is the satin nickel finish as it might not synch with your home décor, then you can get this similar lock at a lower price and in a polished chrome finish.

The polished chrome lock has same features and offers a similar level of security. It also comes with SmartKey re-key technology and a fully reversible interior lever like its counterpart satin nickel finish.


Kwikset Single Cylinder HandlesetSmartKey lock is easy to install but the directions that come with the package are somewhat difficult to understand. But once you install the lock, you are going to absolutely adore it.

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