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Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel

Enter your home by punching a simple code in the door lock instead of searching for keys that you probably left in the car with Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt lock. It’s is the ultimate upgrade to a convenient and keyless entry.

This SmartCode Signature Series lock from Kwikset offers superior security with its one-touch locking and motorized deadbolt features. Installing and programming the lock is easy. Install it with a simple screwdriver and use the functioning key to set up to nine different entry codes.


Kwikset 909 deadbolt lock will make your life easier as you won’t end up locked out in your own home. This lock offers many top features that make it one of the best electronic deadbolt locks in the market at this price.

  • Keyless entry for convenience and enhanced security
  • Motorized deadbolt
  • Backlit keypad for enhanced visibility under low light conditions
  • Automatic door locking mechanism locks the door after 30 seconds
  • Fits standard doors without drilling any additional holes
  • One-touch locking with a dedicated lock button
  • Metal design ensures durability while the temper-resistant cover protects internal mechanism during extreme weather conditions
  • Users can add up to eight different entry codes
  • Increased strength in internal locking mechanism with stainless steel side locking bar cylinders
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Made of satin nickel
  • Weighs 3.3 pounds
  • Lifetime finish and mechanical warranty
  • One year electronics warranty


Kwikset deadbolt lock is an electronic entry door lock easily outranks other electronic deadbolt locks in the market with its superior build quality, great battery life, and ease of use.

  • Great battery life
  • Easy to install even for people who are not technically inclined
  • Program entry codes in 3 easy steps
  • The lock automatically locks itself so you don’t have to remember to lock the door when you go out
  • With patented side locking bar technology, forget about someone bumping your entry lock


Some of the common issues with this product are following:

  • Batteries are not included in the package so users will need to buy them from a local hardware store before they can begin with the lock installation
  • The package doesn’t contain U and V bolts so you will need to buy these at your local hardware store to complete lock installation
  • SmartCode rekey instructions are missing from the packaging


Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt lock is the answer to your security concerns. It comes with a backlit keypad, automatic door locking mechanism, and motorized deadbolt to provide security with convenience. You can install this lock on inside and outside doors without worrying about the weather conditions.

Installing Kwikset 909 is easy since it can fit a standard door without you making any additional holes. Once installed, you easily adjust entry codes. The lock allows up to nine different codes so it’s a perfect choice for anyone with kids or other people at home who keep forgetting their keys.


If you are not satisfied with Kwikset 909 deadbolt door lock, you can check some other similar products below.

Schlage BE365 VCAM 619 is a top seller deadbolt lock that offers many features similar to Kwikset 909. You can easily add or delete user codes as it allows up to 19 different codes. With simple installation instructions, you can install it within a few minutes. The silicon-coated keypad ensures numbers remain visible even after years of regular use.

Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 electronic deadbolt lock is another product that could compete with Kwikset 909 deadbolt lock in terms of build quality and sleek design. This lock comes with 10 digit backlit keypad and a motorized deadbolt to ensure the highest level of residential security. This lock meets BHMA Grade II standards for quality and durability and it fits most standard doors.

If you are looking for the cheapest lock in this category with similar features, then Kwikset 909 is an easy choice. However, if you are inclined to buy a lock that offers more features compared to Kwikset 909, then go for Schlage B#365 Camelot deadbolt lock.


If you are looking for an electronic deadbolt door lock, then Kwikset 909 would prove to be a wise choice. This Kwikset Signature Series lock offers advanced features such as SmartKey and automatic locking, adding a lot of value to this standard lock set.

It’s easy to install and operate so you can put it on an entry door in a house with kids. They will love punching the code to get inside. You won’t have to worry about kids losing keys every other day.

On top of that, the Kwikset 909 is the most secure lock in its category with a patented side locking feature that makes it almost impossible to break it by bumping.

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