How To Choose The Best Keyless Door Locks For Your Home?

How To Choose The Best Keyless Door Locks For Your Home?

Is it time for you to replace the old traditional door locks in your home? Are you finding it difficult to choose between the types of new keyless door locks available these days? Well, this is a guide that will give you insights on the different types of keyless door locks that are popular among homeowners and what things you need to consider when buying them.

Types of keyless door locks

There are many different kinds of keyless door locks that are offered in the market. They are technically advanced and come at a reasonable price. It is important for you to pick the locks depending on the features you want and the kind of security you are looking for your home.

Biometric fingerprint door locks

The most advanced and ultra-high security door lock you can fit in your homes and offices are the biometric fingerprint or RFID door locks. They are keyless locks that will have a record of the individuals that are permitted entry.

This device will scan the fingerprint of every person in the home and will only allow entry into the house if the fingerprint matches with its existing data. This is ideal for homes where there is a need for added security. It is an expensive door lock.

Remote door locks

One of the most common types of door locks you see on vehicles is the remote control locks. This same principle is used in the remote door locks for homes. A remote door lock will open with the help of a remote control that the user can sue to gain entry into the home. It offers you easy access to gates or home doors with the press of a button. You can unlock the doors from a reasonable distance.

Mechanical door locks

If you do not prefer to use a battery operated or electric lock in your home, then you can invest in on mechanical door locks. To gain entry into your home, you will need to key in a private code. This will trigger the mechanical device on the lock and the lock will open automatically.

Electric locks

The electric locks are an ideal option if you are looking for keyless door locks for your home or business. This system will require you to enter a code in order to unlock the door and gain access into a building. These units will run on batteries or on electrical power.

Advantages of keyless door locks

The following are the list of benefits that you can enjoy by choosing keyless entry locks for your home or business.

  • There is no need to worry about misplacing the door keys or losing the key
  • It will provide you with complete control of the security system
  • Very convenient to use and there is no need for fiddling your handbags searching for the keys
  • Alleviates from the worry of children losing the key or even giving it to others
  • No need to worry about anyone attempting to make a skeleton or duplicate keys
  • The unlock combinations can be adjusted any time and you do not have to change the lock anymore

Parameters to help choose keyless locks

The following are some of the parameters you need to know before you make the choice for a keyless door lock.

How it operates?

The keyless door locks come with both electrical and mechanical types. The mechanical door locks do not need any electrical wiring, batteries or circuits function. It will be able to handle only one pin code at a time. The electrical door locks, on the other hand, works with electrical wiring, battery, and circuits.

They look attractive than the mechanical locks and it can handle multiple secret codes at one time. The most advanced electrical keyless locks come with a backlit option so that you can enter the necessary pin code, even if there is no adequate light source nearby.

Latch bolt or deadbolt

The keyless locks come with both latchbolt and deadbolt options. The latchbolt will lock the door automatically when the door gets shut. The deadbolt has to be locked manually using the knob on the lock.

Handle on the lock

There are a number of handles on offer for keyless door locks like the lever or the doorknob. The lever handles come with a long lever and the doorknob handle will have a round handle on the outside. Choose one according to your needs and requirements.

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