Guidelines To Pick The Best Electronic Door Lock

Guidelines To Pick The Best Electronic Door Lock

The trends in home security are fast changing. Gone are the days of using keys to lock and open the doors. The electronic door locks have made forgetting to lock the doors a thing of the past. Though these door locks were a bit on the expensive side when first introduced, now you can find many affordable choices.

You don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting the keys or hide it from outsiders when you use electronic door locks. These locks increase your home security as there is no need for the family members to use spare keys or to hide the keys outside in easily accessible places to provide the family members easy access to the home.

You will be able to easily share the access to the home with your family members even without using the key. Whether you want to safeguard your two bedroom apartment or a penthouse or your estate property, you can use the best electronic door locks.

Consider entry methods

The different type of electronic door locks offers different entry methods. The choices available include keypad, biometric, use of radio frequency cards and Bluetooth.

Keypad locks are a popular choice and the latest models come with touch screen panels. The radio frequency identification cards are another convenient option as you need not have to take the card or key fob out of your pocket or handbag to enter your house.

In biometric entry locks, you need to use your fingerprint to open the lock. The Bluetooth operated locks senses the Bluetooth ID of your phone and opens the door when you reach near it. You will be able to use your iPhone or iPad to operate the lock.

Consider the smart option

You can also opt for smart electronic locks which can be controlled remotely using an app which is integrated with the home automation system. You can unlock the door to provide entry for your friend or neighbor and lock the doors even when you are miles away from your home.

You will be able to change, delete or add user codes easily with these locks. It is possible to uninstall these smart locks when you want to shift your home to another location. The family members need to use the specific access code to get entry. When someone enters your home, you will receive the message.

Consider the variety

  • Electronic door locks with alarm system have built in alarms which will alert you when there is any potential threat to security
  • Electronic locks with deadbolts are the ideal locks for exterior doors, which require high security
  • Locks with handle set with detailed work add elegance to your door and the biometric-based entry can increase the security
  • Locks with entry lever are easy and convenient to use and are well suited for interior as well as exterior doors in residential apartments
  • Electronic door locks with keypad and knobs are ideal for offices and rooms requiring access control

Look for ANSI grading

This grading of builders hardware items is done by the American national standards institute. This grading helps you to identify the quality and durability of the locks you are using. This grading is done after a number of security and operation tests.

Locks with ANSI grade 1 certification are the highest quality products for residential and commercial use. Grade 2 indicates high security for residential applications. Grade 3 certification is the lowest grade and this has minimal acceptable quality for residential purpose locks.

The right finish

The door locks and handles come with different type of finishes to match the décor of any home, office or interior space.  You can find door locks with gold finish, brass finish, satin finish, antique finish, chrome finish, nickel finish, matte finish, etc.

You can select the appropriate finish of the door locks depending whether your building has traditional modern or contemporary style. The different finishes can add charm, elegance, and sophistication.  You can also find different trim options with subtle details to give unique look to your doors.

You need to select the best electronic door lock for your office or home, depending on security, style or design, convenience of use, control options and warranty and support provided by the manufacturer or dealer. Do thorough research and compare different products before making the purchase.

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