Door Lock System – Single Cylinder Vs Double Cylinder

Door Lock System – Single Cylinder Vs Double Cylinder

Well, the invention of the cylindrical lock has been one of the revolutionary steps. It changed the industry for good. Commercial and residential security was transformed overnight with the introduction of cylindrical lock. In the past 100 years, we have witnessed the growth of the cylindrical lock system gaining the trust of people like anything.

Today, it has become the most trusted systems when it comes to locks all over the world. As time changes, we need improved security with flexible options. Also, the modern security systems have to incorporate the growing needs of customers.

When it comes to cylindrical lock system, there are two types – single cylinder and double cylinder. Let’s learn more about them so that we can understand their functioning, pros and cons.

Single cylinder locks

  • Single cylinder locks are far more common in comparison
  • However, double cylinder locks have been gaining ground of late
  • It only has one lock cylinder as the name suggests
  • You need a key to unlock from the outside
  • You don’t need a key to unlock it from the inside
  • You can unlock it from the inside with the help of a thumb turn style lever

Double cylinder locks

  • As the name indicates, it has two cylinders
  • You need to have a key to lock and unlock from the inside as well as the outside
  • You don’t have a thumb-turn mechanism here in this case

The comparison

Now let’s do a comparison of these two lock systems. As we have mentioned already, single cylinder locks are far more common. The reason behind that is that it is economical and efficient.

Compared to the double cylinder locks, you can buy a single cylinder lock for a cheap price in the market. Also, single cylinder locks are more convenient. You don’t have to look for a key to lock it from the inside and that is really convenient. You can lock it with a simple thumb turn.

Why you need a double cylinder lock at all?

That’s a fair question since we have just established that single cylinder locks are far more convenient and cheaper.

Well, double cylinder locks provide enhanced security. This holds particularly true if the locks are adjacent to the windows wherein you can easily open it via the window. When it comes to residential break-ins are considered, the proximity of the window and exterior door is a big factor.

It is a lot easier for the thieves to smash the glass window and gain access to the exterior door. This makes way for a quick access to the thieves and that is exactly why you need to install double cylinder locks in your home.

Safeguard your home

If you want to safeguard your home or property, then it is better to rely on the double cylinder locks. Since there is no thumb turn, it would be difficult for the thieves to gain access to the main door.

Since there is no thumb turn, thieves would find it very difficult to gain access. If that is the case, then why people prefer single cylinder locks over double cylinder locks? Well, that is mainly because of the convenience factor.

People find it inconvenient to lock the door from the inside with a key. But if you want to avoid break-ins, then you have got to opt for double cylinder locks. Especially if you are living in a troubled neighborhood, then you have to opt for a double cylinder lock.

If you have windows near to your main door, then it is always better to opt for a double cylinder lock. This is going to give you an extra layer of protection. It’s definitely worth the money you invest considering it protects your property and people live there.


Well, we have already seen the pros and cons of both. If you don’t have windows nearby your main door, then it is not that necessary for you to install double cylinder locks.

Otherwise, you should opt for double cylinder locks to protect your home from burglars. Single cylinder locks are convenient and cheap. For the same reason, most people prefer them.

If you think that security is really a concern in your neighborhood, it is high time for you to switch to double cylinder locks. After all, who wouldn’t want an additional layer of protection? So, don’t worry much about the convenience and think about the safety as well.

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