Different Types Of Door Locks

Different Types Of Door Locks

Are you a homeowner looking for the best door lock to protect your home? Well, you have plenty of choices before you. Let’s take a look below.

Entry lockset

  • There are 2 doorknobs; one can be locked from the outside and the other from the inside
  • Usually, you depress or turn the small button from the inside to lock it, while you must use a key to unlock it from the outside
  • There are models that need a key to lock from the inside as well as outside
  • And there are models in which you can lock and unlock only with the help of the inside knob
  • One can say that it is a medium security lockset
  • Dead latch is regarded as a quality feature for this

Deadbolt lock

The best thing about this type is that it gives maximum security for your door. Considering there are no springs attached to operate the bolt, the term “dead” makes perfect sense.

You can operate it manually with a thumb turn or key from the inside. The bolt is what keeps the door to the frame, and that makes it far more secure.

It provides 1’’ throw, which is the industry standard. When they design the locks, they have to keep the specific size backsets and holes in mind. Backset is the distance between the center of the handle and the edge of the door.

There are 2 types of deadbolt locks – single-cylinder deadbolt and double-cylinder deadbolt. In the case of former one, we operate it with a turn button on the inside and key from the outside.

Usually, it’s preferred with solid wood or metal doors. As for the later one, we have to use a key on both the outside and inside. This is best suited in the case of a door with glass around the lock.

Surface-mounted deadbolt

It is available in square shape. And we mount it on the inside surface of the door. You can operate it with either a knob or a key. As far as the bolt is considered, it slides into a strike mounted on a surface.

Mortise lock

It basically has a rectangular, flat box, which can be attached to the recess in the door. It also comes with 2 faceplates which consist of keyholes and knobs. You can get it in the left-handed or right-handed styles. It works with the pin tumbler locking mechanism.

As for the operation of the latch, you can operate it from both sides. It works that way as long as the outside knob is not locked. As for the deadbolt, it operates by a turn on the inside.

You can operate the latch bolt and deadbolt from the outside simultaneously with a key. As far as mortise lock is considered, it is really popular. We can use it on many types of doors including heavy entrance doors.

Night latch

Now let’s see the case of night latch. It is installed on the inside surface. It comes with an automatic locking feature. The door will be automatically locked whenever you close the door.

It has a huge, spring loaded latch. It provides light security. Usually we use it in combination with another lock. It provides an additional layer of security.

Passage lockset

This type of a lockset is usually used in the interiors where security is not a big concern. We usually employ it in the hallways and similar spaces. It comes with knobs on each side, both non-locking.

When it comes to some models, levers are used in place of knobs. You don’t have to worry about the variety, as it is available in all sorts of finishes and styles.

Privacy lockset

We are referring to an interior lockset here. As the name indicates, it is designed to provide privacy than security. It comes with a locking button the inside.

You cannot lock it from the outside. It can be either a lever or a knob. In case of emergencies, you can open the lock from outside with the help of some narrow object.


Here we are referring to an entry which has both a deadbolt and a lockset. It can be a one-piece or 2-piece unit. You can find it in a variety of finishes and styles. It is a lock system without keys.

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