Copper Creek E-Series Door Knob

Copper Creek E-Series Door Knob

Copper Creek E-Series Ball Privacy Door Knob is a made with the finest materials to ensure highest safety standards. This time-tested lock meets ANSI Grade III specifications for toughness and durability in addition to meeting requirements for various other building codes in the US.

This E-Series Privacy Door Knob comes with a durable and sturdy brass cylinders that make it impossible to cut with a saw. The round corner adjustable latches that come with the lock make life easier when it comes to installing the lock without calling for professional help.


  • Special lockable ball-shaped door knob for bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • Available in metal, zinc, brass and steel materials
  • Satin Stainless finish
  • Solid Brass cylinders
  • Screw alignment adapters
  • Meets ANSI Grade III standards
  • Meets various standards for toughness and durability set by the American National Standards Institute
  • Limited Lifetime mechanical warranty
  • 10 years finish warranty


  • Ideal for privacy doors where you want keyless locking mechanism on the inside and keyed entry on the outside
  • Round corner adjustable latches – fits most doors easily
  • Easy to replace your old knobs with the Copper Creek BK2030SS – no locksmith required
  • The slot on the inside allows you to unlock the door using a knife, screwdriver or a coin – without removing the entire handle – incase if someone locks the door from outside
  • The unlocking feature allows the door to be unlocked from the outside using a key in case an emergency entry is necessary
  • Made with high-grade materials that increases its durability and corrosion resistance
  • Meets various American construction standards for hardness and quality so you can buy it without having to worry about replacing door knobs again in 10-years’ time


  • You can’t lock or unlock the knobs from outside using a key


Copper Creek E-Series BK2030SS Privacy Ball Door Knob are specifically manufactured to meet the highest standards of toughness and durability. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty for mechanical parts so you can expect to have this on your door forever unless you want to change a different knob due to change in home décor.

This product has solid brass cylinders and Nickel plated bolts. The all metal construction and premium finish protects the door knob against natural wear and tear, making it ideal for installation in privacy rooms with moisture such as a bathroom.

Copper Creek door knob is ideal for bathroom and bedroom doors where you want to lock the door from inside using the privacy knob and not a key. The knob comes with a safety lock features that makes it possible to unlock the door from the outside in case someone is locked inside and can’t unlock.

The decorative rosettes and a rich finish makes it look elegant on interior doors in most homes. If your home has standard residential door knobs that you would want to replace with something more fashionable and functional, Copper Creek offers the best-value product.


The other door knobs in this price range and with similar built-quality to consider are Copper Creek CK2030SS Colonial Privacy Door Knob in Satin Stainless and Kwikset Juno Bed Bath Knob in Satin Nickel.

Copper Creek CK2030SS Colonial Door Knob has same construction as the CK2030SS Ball Door Knob. The only difference in these products is the design of the knob.

If you prefer a colonial style knob on your doors instead of the traditional ball door knobs, then CK2030SS Colonial is what you should buy.

The other door knob in similar price and construction quality is Juno Bed Bath Knob by Kwikset. This one comes in Satin Nickel so be sure it matches you home décor and door colors before you buy it.

Unlike the different quality and durability standards that Copper Creek E-Series products meet, the Kwikset Juno doesn’t provide any specifications regarding those standards. This product is made in China and has generally solid and sturdy construction.


Copper Creek E-Series BK2030SS Privacy Ball Door Knob is ideal for doors where you want privacy with locking feature from inside without a key. It has a ball shape knob and comes in Satin Stainless finish so be sure to check if it matches your door color and style.

If you prefer a ball privacy door knob over colonial style, then Copper Creek E-Series BK2030SS is the best value product. It meets different American standards of quality, durability, and anti-theft so you can install it on your doors without ever worrying about someone jacking the door from outside.

It comes with a safety unlocking feature which allows a it to be opened from the outside with a key. That could be a required feature in a house with kids where the chances of someone locking themselves inside without being able to unlock the door are high.

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