Best Bedroom Door Locks

Best Bedroom Door Locks

How to select bedroom door locks?

Well, there are a number of factors that you need to consider here. Since there are special needs when it comes to bedroom door looks, you have to choose it carefully.

When it comes to interior doors, security is not a big concern. But privacy is a big concern. You want to lock it from the inside, not the outside. You are looking for better privacy in the room.

Thumb locks

  • Interior locks usually don’t need keyed locks
  • When it comes to interior locks, the most popular choice is thumb locks
  • Such locks might come with a push button lock or a simple turning lever, towards the center of the door


  • Since interior locks work without keys, the exterior may have a slotted release
  • You can easily unlock the interior locks when there is an emergency
  • All you need is a small coin or a thin piece of metal to release the lock

Surface bolts

  • If you are looking for additional privacy, then you should go for surface bolt
  • These locks are installed on the door and you can slide to latch into a holder on the frame
  • Since they are not on the doorknob, you cannot unlock it from the outside
  • For adult bedrooms, it is better to have surface bolts
  • Children’s room does not need surface bolts
  • To prevent children from accessing it, you should mount it on top of the door

Variety of choices

If you want to protect your bedroom from illegal access, there are so many methods to protect it. You have to go for the best door locks to ensure this. The good thing is that you have lots of choices before you. Basic entry lock sets and keyless entry systems are a few examples that we can think of.

When it comes to keyless entry systems, there is built in alarm systems that would protect your home from invaders. These days, deadbolts are very popular. If you want to protect your family and belongings, then you have to opt for the best option you can think of. It should make you feel safe.

Entry lock set

We will first examine the case of an entry lock set. Well, as the name indicates, it is the very basic lock system that you can think of.

It comes with a lock located in the door handle. We come across such lock systems in residential homes. But many would want to use it along with a deadbolt for added protection. The best thing about entry lock set is that is really convenient to operate.

However, at the same time, it provides very little security to the people who live in that house. In such a system, you will have a key on the outside and a push button on the inside. And you can lock it from either side.

If you are looking for a step up, then you have to opt for a system that allows you to lock it from the interior as well as the exterior. Combining entry lock set with deadbolt is a really good idea. It will be able to secure your home and office like nothing else.


If you want an additional layer of privacy and security in your bedroom, you can opt for deadbolts. There are no springs attached to this system and that is how it got this name. There are two basic types of deadbolts – single cylinder lock and double cylinder lock.

In the case of single cylinder lock you can lock from inside using a knob while you need a key to lock it from the outside. As for the double cylinder lock, you need to have a key to operate it from the inside as well as the outside.

Well, you can buy deadbolts which are mounted to the inner surface of the door as well. If you are looking for additional security and privacy in your bedroom, then deadbolts are a really good choice. It is a good line of defense for someone who is looking for better privacy.

There are several manufactures who offer both entry locks and deadbolts as a combination. Here in this case, you only need a single key to operate both. That is really convenient.

When it comes to bedrooms, we all want privacy. More than security, we are looking for privacy. However, if you have valuables inside your bedroom, then it is important to go for a secure lock system. It will provide security as well as privacy. It is a win-win situation on both counts.

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